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October 2009

The Difference Between "Media Advisory" and "For Immediate Release"

Hi everyone --

I came across a story today that, on one hand, raised my ire, but on the other hand, raises an important lesson.  One of Quincy's radio stations, WTAD, has essentially been banned from the media list of Sen, Dick Durbin (D-IL), after publicizing Durbin's September visit to a Quincy hospital.  I don't know if I essentially agree with the reprocussions, or with keeping any campaign or otherwise political appearance from the public, but as the story points out, Durbin's camp didn't want the event publicized.

You can read the full story here:

Thoughts, anyone?

Meet the INBA Board of Directors

INBA Members elected five officers and six directors to the Fall 2009 Convention in Peoria.  Meet them on the INBA Board page.

INBA Past Presidents Assemble at Fall 2009 Convention

Nearly two dozen past leaders of the Illinois News Broadcasters Association assembled for lunch in Peoria during the Fall 2009 convention. It was an extraordinary gathering made possible through the hard work of H Wayne Wilson, convention co-chair.

Pictured here from left to right are: (seated) Mark Magliari, Gay Martin, Alan Crane, Ann Anderson, Char Daley, Clark Kelly, Michelle Eccles, Molly Hall, Brian O' Keefe, Ken Kosek, (standing) Ben Kiningham, Bill Wheelhouse, H Wayne Wilson, Bill Taylor, Ben Stone, Jim Gee, Bob Roberts, Lyle Dean, Ken Keller, and Ernie Slottag. (Not pictured-- Jay Groves, Don Newberg, Chuck Hippler).

Click on the picture to view the larger image.

Photo: Lee Milner

INBA Convention

Hello to all who are attending the INBA Fall convention in Peoria. I'm sorry I can't be there to renew old friendships and make new ones.

I'd like to thank H. Wayne Wilson for his kind invitation to attend. I wish I could join the gathering of INBA past presidents that H has arranged for this weekend. Perhaps another time.

Warmest regards,

Steve Scott

Any Rockford-area stations receive comments from Amcore Bank opposing coverage?

Yesterday was  the  deadline for Amcore bank imposed by  federal  regulators to decrease leverage or face some form of  liquidation.  When we reported  this yesterday including comment from  an expert on banking that it will be difficult for the bank to comply, we received an angry call from the bank headquarters in Rockford demanding we remove the  story.  We were told we would immediately hear from their attorney if we did not comply. My response was we would not be intimidated. Any other media hear from  Amcore in that the same news  report was on various Rockford TV  stations and in the Rockford daily newspaper?