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June 2011

When Blogging Misleads

Some of you may have read national reports about a gang of epithet spewing African-Americans who marched down a residential Peoria street last Friday. The national reports stemmed from a local blog posting that appears to have been incomplete at best. C. J. Summers, who operates The Peoria Chronicle blog, received an email from a Peoria resident very early Saturday morning advising him of a gang of young black people who had marched down Thrush Street yelling derogatory remarks and suggesting that members of the group were "going to kill all the white people." Thrush Street has both white and black residents. The group of about 50 young people apparently was attending a nearby party before taking to the streets.

Online Registration for the INBA 2011 Fall Convention

Registration is now open for our next event, September 23 - 25 in Springfield

Click here to see registration options, plus details about workshops, speakers, and other events.

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INBA Board Meeting

The INBA Board of Directors meets Friday, June 17th at 4 p.m. in Springfield.  Click here for the agenda.

Serious shortage of in-depth local journalism

   WASHINGTON (AP) - A new report concludes that there's a shortage of in-depth local journalism needed to hold government agencies, schools and businesses accountable. That's the case despite an abundance of news outlets in today's multimedia landscape.
   The report comes from the Federal Communications Commission, which regulates television broadcasters. It's the product of an 18-month effort to explore the turmoil sweeping the traditional media business in the U.S.
   The report's recommendations include creating public affairs cable channels similar to C-SPAN at the state level, easing tax rules for non-profit news organizations and directing more federal advertising spending to local news media.