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April 2018

Convention Fellowship Winner

INBA Member Emily Manley is attending the Spring Convention for free, because she applied for and was selected for the INBA Convention Fellowship.  She is receiving complimentary convention registration and two nights' hotel.  Manley is a student in the Public Affairs Reporting program at the University of Illinois-Springfield.  She is also a part-time producer at KMOV-TV in St Louis.

General Meeting Agenda and Past Minutes

The agenda for the Spring 2018 General Meeting is attached. 

Illinois News Broadcasters Association
Spring ’18 General Membership Meeting Agenda

April 21, 2018   East Peoria, Illinois




A.  Fall 17 General Membership Meeting Minutes


       A. President-Laura Trendle Polus

       B. Vice President-Nora Baldner

             1. Spring 2018 (Peoria)    

   2. Fall 2018 (Springfield)   

   3. Spring 2019 (Normal)  

Full Convention Details

Registration is now closed, so that catering and printing deadlines can be met.


12:00 - 3:30 - Timberland Room: Board meeting 

4:00-6:30pm  Timberland Room:  ​Scholarship Interviews

4:00-7:00 - Registration Opens

6:00 - 8:00 - Caterpillar Trail Room:   Opening Reception with cash bar.  Sponsored by Quincy Media Inc.


8:45 - 9:00 -  Salon A  Welcome to Spring Convention 2018

Remembering a Member

One of our favorite radio feature back in the late 1980s and early 90s was “Illinois Notebook.” It offered a behind-the-scenes look at goings on at the state capital and often featured audio that was provocative or funny, but not always critical to telling a hard news story of legislative defeat or victories.  Becky Enrietto was behind the first incarnation of the award-winning feature that ran on the Illinois Radio Network and later on the Illinois News Network.

INBA Response to Sinclair Promo

INBA President Laura Trendle Polus released this statement Monday, after consulting with the INBA Board of Directors: