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Our Code of Ethics

(Revisions approved April 16, 2011)

We, the Members of the Illinois News Broadcasters Association, will uphold the following in our journalistic pursuits:

-to check the accuracy of the facts and report them objectively and impartially

-to avoid the appearance of conflict of interest, and to never allow personal beliefs or personal gain to influence coverage

-to mention race, creed, nationality, gender, disability, social status and sexual orientation of individuals only when relevant

-to show sensitivity to victims and witnesses of violent crimes and other personal tragedies

- to remember suspects are innocent until proven guilty

- to avoid interfering with emergency personnel in the performance of their duties

- to credit the source if the information is not one’s own and never plagiarize

-to promptly correct all errors with special consideration given to audience and time

-to use secretive news gathering techniques only as a last resort, and to clearly identify and explain why such techniques were necessary to the story

-to avoid misleading use of images or sound, and to clearly identify staged or provided images or sound

-to clearly label all opinion and commentary

-to vigorously defend guarantees in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and in the Illinois Freedom of Information and Open Meetings Acts