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INBA Convention Session: "Making That Next Big Move"

Hello to all of my INBA friends back in Illinois! I look forward to seeing you at the Spring INBA convention in Oak Brook.

Convention chair Jennifer O'Neill has asked me to lead a session Saturday afternoon, April 17th, at around 1pm. Here's what I've come up with:

"Making That Next Big Move"

Most of us, at some point in our broadcast journalism careers, will have to make a decision to move. Maybe you've found your dream job in another city. Or, the next step in your career progression. Maybe the decision to move wasn't yours. 

In this session, we're going to talk about when, where, how and why you should consider moving. Is the grass always greener somewhere else? Does bigger (market size) always mean better...and, more money? Do I need an agent? How big is too big for my next market?

I'm putting together a small panel of broadcast journalists (including myself) who have made the difficult decision to move to brand new cities. As you'll hear, sometimes it works out great...but, doesn't.

In addition to the panel, I really want to hear your experiences. I want to hear about your moves...why you did it...whether or not it worked out well for you...and, what you learned from the experience.

I hope to see you Saturday, April 17th, at the 1pm session..."Making That Next Big Move."

And, in advance of the session, I'd welcome your thoughts and suggestions. My email address is

Cheers to all,

Steve Scott