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2010 SINBA Awards Finalists

Here are the finalists for the 2010 SINBA Awards.  Students are listed by category in no particular order.  Winners will be announced Saturday night at the awards banquet.  Congratulations to all our students!


Category - Outstanding Videography.
Christoper Gekas, ISU
Brett Beherns, SIUC
JD Armes, ISU
Jeff Armstrong, ISU
Kevin Ratermann, WEIU

Category - Outstanding TV Sports Reporting
Kyle Heavrin, ISU
Brett Beherns, SIUC
Emily Mieure, WEIU

Category - Outstanding Sports TV Program

Avery Drake, WEIU
SIU Sports Team, SIUC
Eric Boynton and Ashley Zarach, NIU

Category - Outstanding Soft News Program

Jason Boyer, ISU
UI-7 “Faces in the Crowd” - U of I

Category – Overall Graduate Performance

Mandy Lockman, U of I

Category - Outstanding Hard Television Program

Northwestern News Report, 1/27/2010

Category – Outstanding Radio Sports Play-by-Play
John Twork, WEIU
Julio Rausseo, WIU
Lou Uhler, SIUC

Category – Outstanding Radio Sports Reporting
Tim Ditman, U of I
Johnny Sole, SIUC

Category – Outstanding Radio Newscast
UI-7, U of I
Joseph Wagener, WIU

Category – Outstanding Radio News Reporting
Joseph Wagener, WIU
Allison Trouy, U of I
Steph Fryer, SIUC

Category - Outstanding Use of Sound

Melissa Chua, U of I
Joseph Wagener, WIU

Category – Outstanding Soft Radio Program

Sunrise Sports, SIUC

Category – Outstanding Radio Grad Performance

Laura Hettiger, U of I

Category - Outstanding TV Newscast –

SIUC River Region Evening Edition
WEIU – TV News Watch
ISU – TV-10 News Team
NIU – NTC News Tonight

Category – Outstanding TV News Reporting

Lou Uhler - SIU
Katherine Rufener -WEIU
Takayuki Ono - Northwestern


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