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Zodiac and other shifts

I've been scratching my head over how, suddenly, it became "news" that the zodiacs of astronomy and astrology aren't in sync. The article I've linked below strongly implicates social networking. If it's not being talked about on Facebook yet, some people of that chic don't know about it. That underscores what so many of us in news are hearing today about how we need to be on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

A more serious thing for news operations to consider is how new, young reporters are coming into this field with the same sense that everything worth knowing is already on the social networking sites. Training will have to more actively encourage looking up documents at city hall, the courthouse, and the library instead of keeping a chair warm and the fingers active.  I already wonder if the Scott Lee Cohen news media failure happened because some cub got the assignment to find out about the problems Cohen brought up, nothing was being said about it on Twitter, and so it seemed like enough to go on what he said.