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The People of INBA


The first INBA “Man of the Year” Award was given in 1959. Although records indicate women were also eligible for nomination, it was not until 1970 that the award was renamed “Illinoisan of the Year”. Groups are also eligible for the award. Nominations and the selection of this honor are made by the INBA’s Past Presidents. The guidelines are as follows:

Residency -  Nominee must have lived in Illinois at one time
Qualifications - Nominee must have performed:

-- Actions/Work which have contributed to the benefit of Illinois citizens or a group thereof

-- Actions/Work which have brought recognition or prestige to the state

-- Actions/Work which have contributed to the news profession and/or broadened access to public information 

Restrictions - Political figures/office holders are eligible only in years in which they have not announced a candidacy or are not campaigning for an elective office

The call for nominations is issued by the Immediate Past President sometime after Memorial Day. Voting takes place by ballot over the summer, with a final result usually determined by Labor Day. Honorees are invited to attend the Fall Convention that year to receive their award.

Complete List of Illinoisan of the Year Winners  (PDF)

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