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KARE-TV's Award-winning Reporter/Photog Team Headlines Convention

Boyd Huppert and Jonathan Malat have worked as a team the past 13 years at KARE-TV in Minneapolis, gaining national recognition for their reporting and photography - including this year’s Sigma Delta Chi Award for feature reporting.  

Jonathan was named Television News Photographer of the Year by the National Press Photographers Association in both 1998 and 2002, placing him among a handful of photographers to win the award twice.  Jonathan’s photography has also been twice recognized with the National Edward R. Murrow Award.

In 2007 Boyd was awarded a National Emmy for work aired on NBC TODAY.  He’s also the recipient of four National Edward R. Murrow Awards, a Gabriel Award and a National Headliner Grand Award.   In 2006 Boyd was selected to receive the NPPA’s first ever “Award for Reporting.”  He followed up by winning the award again in 2007 & 2009.  

Boyd and Jonathan are frequent speakers on the topic of teamwork and storytelling at venues including the National Writers Workshop, Poynter Institute for Media Studies, TV New Zealand and Danish Broadcasting.   Boyd and Jonathan are also members of the faculty at the NPPA Advanced Team Storytelling Workshop held each spring in San Marcos, Texas.    

Boyd began working as a reporter 25 years ago at WSAW-TV in Wausau, Wisconsin.  His career has also taken him to KETV in Omaha and WITI-TV in Milwaukee.  Jonathan previously worked at WJZ-TV and WBFF, both in Baltimore.

Session: It’s Just Video until a Storyteller Creates an Experience, Saturday October 3rd

A full-day workshop by Boyd Huppert & Jonathan Malat

1) Compelling Stories on a Daily Deadline

 “If I only had more time!”  Who hasn’t expressed that frustration while shooting or   writing a story under deadline?  This session will explore techniques that will help you work not only more efficiently, but in a way that will produce focused stories viewers will remember long after the newscast ends.   
2) Steven Spielberg figured it out. Have you?

Tried and true drivers of the narrative story: surprise, suspense, character and quest, can be powerful tools if used wisely.  Taking a cue from those unfortunate frogs in biology class, we’ll dissect the story.  Why do we laugh, why do we cry, why do we care -- and how can we make it happen for our viewers more often?            
3) The Storytellers’ Dance
Good things happen when reporters and photographers learn to “dance” with each other and with the subjects of our stories.   From interviewing to gathering sound to lighting; this interactive session will feature “live” camera demonstrations that will help give your stories a look and feel unlike any others in your market.  
4) The Write (and edit) Stuff

This session will be loaded with tips for reporters and photographers who want to improve their writing, shooting and editing skills.  Jonathan Malat will share techniques that helped him become a two-time NPPA National Photographer of the year.  While national Emmy winner Boyd Huppert demonstrates the magic that can happen when the right words are married to the right pictures.

5) The Purpose Driven Stand-up.

Okay, we all get it.  News Directors want us to be seen in our stories.  Viewers want to see us too.   But if we’re going to do stand-ups, let’s do stand-up that enhance rather than detract from the story.  The difference:  Stand-ups and live shots with a purpose.

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