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IL Legislature Consideres FOIA Bill, INBA Opposed

The Illinois House is expected to take up legislation today (Tuesday, May 31) which would dilute the state's Freedom of Information Act by limiting requests.

House Bill 1716 creates limits to the number of requests a person can submit to local governments, and if that limit is exceeded, allows the unit of government to deny requests.

While the news media appears to be exempt in this legislation, INBA opposes any plan which limits the information available to the citizens.

"HB 1716 creates definitions of 'recurrent requestors' and allows for limits when there are too many requests from one particular person. This is public information, and should be available to the public," INBA President Jennifer Fuller said.

The legislative session is expected to end later today. You can get more information by going to and entering HB 1716 in the bill search window on the left.

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Jennifer Fuller INBA President WSIU Radio