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Lisa Madigan Named Illinoisan of the Year

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan will be honored at the Fall 2011 INBA Convention as our organization’s Illinoisan of the Year. INBA’s Past Presidents voted over the summer to honor Ms. Madigan for her support of openness in state government. Since assuming office in 2003, Ms. Madigan has championed greater accessibility to government for the citizens of Illinois. She pushed for a comprehensive revision of Illinois’ Freedom of Information Act. She also created the office of the Public Access Counselor, which works to educate state workers on FOIA issues and insures legitimate FOIA requests are handled fairly and swiftly.


Chief of Staff Ann Spillane will join members of INBA for brunch on Sunday, September 25 in Springfield to accept the award on the attorney general’s behalf. She will take questions after her remarks.


Each year, INBA’s surviving Past Presidents nominate past and present Illinoisans for recognition. This year’s ballot included a total of six nominees, representing a wide selection of public servants, activists, and media personalities. Past winners of the award include public officials, broadcast journalists, educators, and the Illinois National Guard.

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