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Broadcast Journalism Education

INBA has a long history of prompting excellece in broadcast journalism eduction.  Students currently studying broadcast journalism are eligable to join INBA as non-voting members at a special, reduced rate. 

Eligable students include those at high schools, community colleges or universities in Illinois, those attending school in televison and radio markets currently serving Illinois, or those who are Illinois residents attending school out-of-state.

Additionally, several universities in Illinois have local chapters of SINBA-- Students in the Illinois News Broadcasters Association-- which organize journalism scholarship and experience opportunities on the local level.

INBA offers a way for up-and-coming broadcasters to interact with professionals, gain knowledge and experience, and make valuable carrer and lifetime contacts.  Many of INBA's current professional members started with the organization as students.

INBA award four scholarships each year, thanks to support from the INBA Foundation.  In 2009, these scholarships were awarded at $1,300 each.  The scholarship competition is announced each Janurary, with finalist interviews and winner selection taking place at the spring INBA convention.

INBA also holds an awards competion for student work each spring.  Information on the SINBA Awards are posted each spring.