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INBA is a not-for-profit organization incorporated in the State of Illinois.  We are governed by a set of by-laws.  The current by-laws can be downloaded in Adobe PDF format here

Proposed By-laws Changes

On October 2, 2010, the General Membership will be asked to consider a comprehensive set of revisions to the existing INBA By-laws.  These include a lot of small corrections in grammar and spelling, significant changes to categories of membership, and other changes which reflect long-standing practices of the organization.

They are available for review in the PDF documents below.  The proposed changes can be downloaded in smaller files for convenience, or you can choose a single file with the complete document.

Within these documents, changes are indicated as follows:  Additional language is in RED.  Proposed deletions are in BLUE and struck-through.  Comments explaining the change are inserted in the text in parenthesis and in BOLD.

Articles I, II - incl. misison statement and offices of the orgnaization

Article III - categories of membership

Articles IV-VI - incl. meetings, the Board of Directors, and officers

Articles VII-XVI  - incl. committees, financial matters, ammendments, and misc.

Complete Proposed Revisions (single document)

Current By-laws