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Meet a Member: Kristin Crowley

One of the biggest benefits of your INBA membership is getting to know professionals in different markets, in different stages of their career, maybe even working in a different aspect of broadcasting or education.

In the latest entry of our "Meet a Member" series, we're introducing you to Kristin Crowley, Evening Anchor at WREX-TV in Rockford. As a side note, Kristin is returning to the anchor desk on Monday November 26 after several weeks away because of a serious car accident. Welcome back, Kristin, and we wish you well in your continuing recovery!

Kristin Crowley

How did you develop an interest in reporting or broadcasting?

I enjoyed writing and wanted to pursue a career where I could make writing the focus. 

What was your first broadcasting job?

I was hired as a producer for 103.5 KISS-FM in Chicago when I was a sophomore in college (following an internship). However, my first TV news broadcasting job was a PA at FOX News in Chicago after I graduated from college. 

Why do you love being a news broadcaster?

Aside from writing every day, I love learning something new and being educated about what's going on in the world around me. I also love that no day is ever the same, so every day I feel like I get to do something new. 

What broadcast or story you’ve done makes you most proud?

My investigative reports on Rockford's superfund site which were both nominated for Regional Emmys

What’s the hardest story or broadcast you’ve had to do?

When I had to anchor an election night alone because we were in the process of hiring a co-anchor. I had to tackle all the cut-ins, stay on top of the developing results and anchor all the newscasts. 

What’s your most embarrassing broadcast moment?

During a serious anchor read about politics, a fly in the studio landed directly on my nose. When I left that station, my co-workers put together a gag-reel for me and put that clip front and center. 

Why did you join INBA?

I think it's important to be part of a group of journalists in this business. The broadcast industry is small and it helps knowing your colleagues and collaborating with them on ideas in the business.