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INBA Podcast: Charlie Wheeler

Charlie Wheeler is a professor at the University of Illinois Springfield, where he is Director of the Public Affairs Reporting Program. He talks about his reporting career with the Chicago Sun-Times, how he got into journalism, the newspaper business, how the media has changed, why it's better to be right than fast, and advice for journalists. He was interviewed at the INBA fall 2018 conference in Springfield by Margaret Larkin.

Margaret is currently a producer at WBBM Radio in Chicago, and has also worked at WGN. She has been producing the Radiogirl Podcast for several years. This is the first episode she has produced specifically for us at INBA. Please take a listen, and let us know if there are any other INBA members you'd like her to interview. Thanks!

Listen to the podcast and subscribe on the INBA Soundcloud page.

Margaret Larkin and Charlie Wheeler

Margaret Larkin interviewing Charlie Wheeler at the INBA Fall 2018 Convention in Springfield