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Margaret Larkin

INBA Podcast - Michele Fiore

Michele Fiore is a reporter at Fox 32 (WFLD-TV) in Chicago and AP award winner, and has spent many years in radio and TV news, including WBBM Newsradio, WMAQ Radio, and CLTV in Chicago, WAND-TV in Springfield, and WTMJ Radio and TV in Milwaukee. She talks about her career, why teamwork matters, what makes a good story, the difference between TV and radio, and more.

Michele was interviewed by phone in her car by Margaret Larkin.

INBA Podcast - Steve Scott

Steve Scott

Steve Scott has been a news anchor in New York for several years at WCBS after working for 13 years at WLS Radio in Chicago. When he lived in Illinois, he was president of the INBA. He talks about what it's like working and living in New York during the coronavirus pandemic, what makes a good story, why writing is important, advice for getting into journalism, and how he finally got his college degree (it only took 40 years). Steve was interviewed by Margaret Larkin.

INBA Podcast: Rob Martier

Rob Martier reports and anchors news at WLS Radio in Chicago, where he also covers the University of Illinois' Fighting Illini teams. He did news at WGN Radio before he went to WLS. And before working in Chicago, he spent many years in Canada, where he reported and hosted sports shows at Montreal CJAD 800 Radio. He was interviewed by Margaret Larkin at the WLS studios, in the NBC Tower in downtown Chicago (before there was a stay-at-home order in Illinois).

INBA Podcast: Rob Hart

Rob Hart at the microphone.

Rob Hart is a reporter and anchor at WBBM Newsradio in Chicago, and previously was on the air at WGN Radio, WLUP The Loop, and WTMJ in Milwaukee. He talks about how to tell a compelling story, what makes a good radio guest, what he thinks of journalism, advice for getting into the media, and more. Rob was interviewed by Margaret Larkin at the WBBM studios in downtown Chicago.

Rob Hart at the microphone.

Rob Hart in the WBBM Studio.

INBA Podcast: Abdul Hakim Shabazz

Abdul Hakim Shabazz (right) at the INBA Fall Convention in Urbana.

Abdul Hakim Shabazz does a lot in media: he is on the air at WIBC radio and WRTV-TV in Indianapolis, Indiana, WVON radio in Chicago, and is also the editor and publisher of IndyPolitics.Org. He hosted a morning radio talk show in Springfield, Illinois and has covered state politics in Indiana and Illinois. He is an attorney and also got a Master’s Degree in Public Affairs Reporting from the University of Illinois at Springfield. Abdul was interviewed by Margaret Larkin at the INBA fall convention in Urbana.

INBA Podcast: H Wayne Wilson

H Wayne Wilson

In the latest episode of the INBA Podcast, Margaret Larkin talks with a fixture of INBA, H Wayne Wilson.

H Wayne Wilson

INBA Podcast: Students You Should Know

Here is an INBA Podcast for students considering a career in broadcast journalism. In this podcast, Margaret Larkin sits down with Marcellus Angel and Kaitlyn Palakaitis.

INBA Podcast: Molly Jirasek

Margaret Larkin interviews Molly Jirasek at the INBA Spring Convention 2019 in Normal, IL.

In this latest INBA Podcast, Margaret Larkin sits down with Peoria Assistant News Director, Molly Jirasek. Jirasek has been AND at Heart of Illinois ABC for about two years. She comes from a reporting and producing background in her hometown, of South Bend, Indiana and is a graduate of Indiana University, Bloomington. Also, Jirasek recently took over as chair of INBA's FOIA/OMA committee this spring. 

INBA Podcast: Bob Roberts

Bob Roberts at the INBA Fall 2018 Convention

Bob Roberts is retiring from WBBM Newsradio in Chicago to move down south, where he will probably continue as a freelance reporter and journalist. He talks about his long news career reporting in major markets at radio stations WINS, WMET, WDHF, WYEN, WBBM, and WMAQ in New York and Chicago, and for City News Bureau. He's also been very active in the INBA as the FOIA/OMA Chair and coordinating the JobFile.

INBA Podcast: Charlie Wheeler

Margaret Larkin and Charlie Wheeler

Charlie Wheeler is a professor at the University of Illinois Springfield, where he is Director of the Public Affairs Reporting Program. He talks about his reporting career with the Chicago Sun-Times, how he got into journalism, the newspaper business, how the media has changed, why it's better to be right than fast, and advice for journalists. He was interviewed at the INBA fall 2018 conference in Springfield by Margaret Larkin.

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