June 3, 2023

INBA Committee Duties

Archives Committee

– maintains a file of past minutes, newsletters, convention programs, and photos

– maintains a binder of INBA historical information

– maintains an “information” display board at conventions

– provides Archival Revival articles for the newsletter

Cameras and Microphones in the Courts Committee

– facilitates electronic news coverage in Illinois and federal courts

– maintains a list of media coordinators in the circuits

– monitors best practices

Financial Committee

– assists with fundraising activities for convention committees

– spearheads specific INBA financial campaigns and activities

– helps research best opportunities for investment and purchasing decisions

– oversees activities of the Directory and Scholarship Auction Committees

Directory Committee

– creates an electronic directory listing stations & INBA members with contact info  

– maintains updated directory information in an electronic format

– sells advertising and prints the directory at the INBA board’s request

Scholarship Auction Committee

– acquires items for the fall scholarship auction

– arranges for an auction emcee and collection of proceeds

Freedom of Information/Open Meetings Committee

– monitors Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Open Meetings Act (OMA) issues

– takes complaints on and addresses suspected FOIA/OMA violations

– informs the public and government workers about open government laws

Honors & Awards Committee

– administers the judging of student scholarships given each spring

– determines the scholarship dollar amount based on INBA Foundation earnings

– keeps a record of the scholarships and for whom they are named

Legislation Committee

– monitors state legislation on issues affecting journalism

– provides opinion as to whether the INBA board should get involved in an issue

– works with other media interests in dealing with legislative issues

Membership Committee

implements techniques to recruit all classes of INBA members

– develops methods to retain all classes of current INBA members

Mentoring/Tape Critique Committee

– matches young mentees with professional mentors

– coordinates critiques by professionals of young members’ work

Nominations/Elections Committee

– recruits candidates for INBA offices

– conducts elections at the fall general membership meeting

Professional Development Committee

-develops workshops on reporting, writing, producing, videography & website skills

-works with convention committees in the development of convention sessions

SINBA Awards Committee

– conducts an awards contest for students

– presents awards at the spring convention

– publicizes the winners in the newsletter and on the INBA website

Website Committee

– maintains the INBA website   www.inba.net

– acts as liaison between the INBA board and the web service provider